Nutrition Consultations & Coaching

Why Nutrition Coaching With Me?

My Coaching Philosophy

I use client-centred coaching to help clients realise their potential and move towards their goals. I don't tell you what you must or must not eat; I guide you on a journey of self-discovery, and we will work out the best nutritional strategies for you together.

I want to provide you with a safe space to explore different possibilities. All hiccups along the way are not failures, but valuable learning opportunities.

My coaching & recommendations blend the latest scientific evidence with my professional experience and your preferences. This means you'll not only learn about nutrition, but also understand how you can flexibly apply it to you.

My Qualifications
  • Mac-Nutrition Uni (MNU) Certified Nutritionist
  • MSc Applied Psychology & Economic Behaviour (University of Bath)
  • B Commerce & B Media (UNSW)
  • PGCert Human Nutrition (Deakin University)
  • MSc Human Nutrition (Deakin University) - Current student

*I am a Nutritionist and not a Dietitian. Hence, I cannot provide nutritional guidance specific to clinical condition (e.g. diabetes, cancer, eating disorders). However, I may be able to support your nutrition alongside other healthcare professionals (e.g. psychologist, doctor) if your diagnosed conditition is stable and well-managed.

My Areas of Specialty
  • Sports nutrition
  • Period recovery (hypothalamic amenorrhea)
  • Female nutrition
  • Improving body image
  • Improving your relationship with food

What Does Coaching Include?

Example Days of Eating

Example meal plans based on your preferences, helping you learn how to structure your nutrition.

Personalised Nutrition Plans

Whether you prefer tracking, non-tracking methods or just focusing on eating habits, your nutrition plan will be personalised for your needs.

If you run into any challenges during coaching, we will work together to find a solution.

Weekly Online Check-ins

Every week, you will fill in your check-in form online. Based on your progress and responses, we discuss strategies and agree on appropriate adjustments if needed.

Educational Resource Library

Learn about the principles behind my recomendations, thereby upskilling yourself knowledge-wise while on your nutrition journey.

1-to-1 Ongoing Support

Outside of your check-ins, you have ongoing access to me for any questions or concerns.

Process of Starting Coaching

  • You fill in the registration form

    Once I receive your enquiry, I get back to you as soon as possible via email.

  • We discuss and agree on an initial coaching approach via email or video call

    If we agree on the approach, we organise the first payment.

  • You fill out the pre-consultation form

    This detailed form will give me a more detailed understanding of your health, nutrition and training.

  • We schedule our first virtual session and start coaching

    Following payment for the set-up fee and 1st month of coaching, we arrange our first video consultation to set up our initial plan. After the call, you will receive a written plan of action within 7 working days.

  • You receive weekly in-depth feedback

    Every Friday, you reflect on the ups and downs of your previous week. By the end of Monday, I will send you in-depth feedback. If there are any challenges, we brainstorm together.

  • Video consultations arranged as needed (30-45 minutes)

    The frequency of video consultations will be advised based on your needs. Each of these consultations will be an opportunity to delve deeper into any questions or struggles that you may have, and to discuss our plans going forward.

Nutrition Consultations vs. Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition consultations are where I provide my professional advice on how you can optimise your nutrition to move you towards your goals.

Nutrition coaching is about guiding and inspiring towards self-discovery. Using different exercises, reflections and education, we work together to develop strategies that take you towards your goal(s).

If we take learning to ride a bike as an example, a consultation is like a riding manual, and coaching is me being by your side while we learn, make mistakes and slowly progress together.

If you have confidence in implementing nutritional strategies, and you're looking for some evidence-based advice, a nutrition consultation would be a great option.

If you want to improve your relationship with food or receive on-going support and guidance, nutrition coaching is the way to go.


One-off Nutrition Consultation




  • 60-Minute Video Consultation

  • 3-Day Food Diary Assessment

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Nutrition Coaching



  • Personalised nutrition coaching


  • Exclusive Educational Resources

  • ongoing access to me via email

  • *Minimum commitment period of 3 months

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